March 15, 2007

Inject! Inject! Inject!

I'm waiting to hear from NJ whether one of my children will be exempted from its compulsory vaccination programme. In NJ there is no philosophical exemption, so parents who have rational objections must cite specific supernatural tenets. In order of significance, what's at work here is:

1. The lust of the state to assume the rights of parents.
2. Vaccination is big business and big lobbiness.
3. Medical omniscience.
4. A superstition that mass vaccination improves overall immunity in affluent societies.

Reasoned discrimination is not a force in play. The vaccination lobby resembles the Manmade Global Warming lobby in its religious adherence to dogma, its anathemizing of 'deniers' and its 'greater good' propensity to lie thru its teeth and omit inconvenient truths.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that mass vaccination for chickenpox adversely re-shapes the disease's profile so that it is far more virulent. The answer is either to stop mass inoculation (not considered in the article) or to start mass repetitive boosters thru adulthood with at least one known result - sacks more tax for drugs to be shot into my younger children. My elder children caught measles, mumps, chickenpox etc when they were young and developed hardy immune systems.

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I am working on a film about vaccines and how these illnesses are not as serious as the drug companies would like people to think. I am even willing to go so far and be exposed to the various illnesses I did not have as a child. Feel free to check out my blog and read about the project, the bottom line is it best to have the basic childhood disease naturally, and it is a myth they are worse when you are older! They are worse when you are older if you have let your body and immune system go to hell.