April 19, 2007

Blogging for history

The Swift Boat Veterans ads against John Kerry were devastating - short,sweet,direct,irrefutable. Liberal iconography represents the SBV's as discredited. It's a big lie, but liberals are effective as a swarm. One of them states the lie, another takes it as a given and you need a disciplined effort to assemble the refutation, which you doubt will be accepted since liberals do not argue in good faith to establish how things are. They argue in bad faith to establish that things are as they want them to seem to be. (We need new words for Conservative and Liberal..Realist and Fabulist? Neocon and Neoconman? Babyhugger and Babycrusher?)

John Hinderaker of Powerline has assembled an efficient refutation in a single post. It's short enough and long enough and relevant enough to show in one place the truth of the SBV campaign and to discredit the meme that it's been discredited. The LSM is a numerous, agile, motivated swarm. If they say black is white and swarm over the shades of gray for imputed inconsistencies in the idea that black is black, then it takes an accurate, elegant mind to shove the big lie back down their throats.

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