January 28, 2008

Barracking Barack

One steely-minded conservative blogger:
..when I look at the man, I see a charming, gifted politician who happens to be black...I like the guy..
Another steely-minded conservative blogger:
I dunno, I must be missing a gene or two. Everybody, including even some conservatives, is telling me what a fine uplifting orator Barack Obama is. All I see is great gusts of hot air. When he says something that actually has any semantic content, either it is just false, or else it is naked socialism.
This steely-minded conservative blogger: I'm with John Derbyshire. Obama is an alien designed by artificial intelligence to win the nomination by charm and the stupidity of crowds. He's a real threat. If he can beat the Clintons, he can certainly beat McCain who looks and sounds unattractive, but, as crucially, lacks a clearcut political philosophy.

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