March 16, 2008

"Perhaps Marc or Dave will contribute something..."

Prompted by Mick....

Stream of consciousness....

1. I guess I'm the only one qualified for drunk-blogging, tho I've just taken a little sip after an exacting day in the market which started with a little fantasy about the car I'll buy with today's winnings from long Apple and short crude (new Subaru Forester - basic model with manual shift) and continued 5 minutes later with a 5 hours of mental strife starting with the virtual bankruptcy of Bear Stearns which triggered an initial rout.

2. My name is Mark with a 'k' for kommandant.

3. The Obama/Pastor Wright stuff meets my comic criterion. I almost wish that he wins the Presidency and appoints his spiritual adviser as Secretary for Reparations and Perpetual Apologies. Michael Tomasky in today's Guardian illustrates the mindset, but I'm on my 2nd sip and am too lazy to make the link.

4. I'd never noticed Dr Laura until she pronounced on Spitzer, but now I'm a fan, the more so because she's a fallen woman and I'm a fallen man. Too bad she's not 40 years younger,but I'll look out for her 'The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands.' Apparently if you treat me right and feed me right and love me right, I'll swim across shark-infested waters to bring you a glass of lemonade. Duh!

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