May 20, 2008

function follows form

What's Farsi for 'metrosexual'?

Chicagoan, Louis Sullivan, 'the first modern architect', said "Form ever follows function.." For Chicagoan, Obama it's different. The form is prime, enveloping function and disfunction in waffle, cultspeak, wuss-speak, groupspeak and bright shining lies. To me he's transparent - a joke, impossible to take more seriously than the idea of an undergraduate as President. John Bolton says it well:
Look, he has led a very cosseted, privileged existence in his life, that this is not somebody born in poverty who was risen by his bootstraps. He’s had, basically, a fairly comfortable middle class life. He’s gone to Ivy League universities, he’s lived in a liberal bubble in Chicago. And you know, you don’t have to acquire a lot of knowledge to be acceptable in those circles, and I think what we’re seeing is, as he emerges from that bubble, we’re seeing his view of reality.

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