February 03, 2009

A teachable moment

All this kerfuffle about taxes! Geithner, Rangel, Killefer, Franken, Daschle....I'm losing track. Is there a pattern here? Limousine liberals who don't pay taxes even on their limos. I wouldn't be surprised if the Daschle nomination is withdrawn by the time I finish writing this post.....the gale of ridicule is shredding Obama's credibility with even a few of the credulous. This campaign ad is all over the internet and enough to finish him off:
But now there's a New York Times editorial against him and Nancy Killefer has withdrawn from her appointment as performance czarina because, uh, she didn't pay some tax.

The great Victor Davis Hanson derives a lesson:
This is all about as good an argument for a flat tax as one can imagine.

Flash: And lo! the deed is done. Daschle out. So how in tarnation can Geithner stay in charge of the IRS? How can Rangel run tax legislation? Answers on a postcard to: Office of Hope, Change and Expediency, West Wing.

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