November 11, 2009

It's a mystery

As Obama scrupulously suspends judgement over the possible motive of the Fort Hood mass murderer, another enigma, the DC sniper, John Allen Muhammad, was gently put to sleep last night. He died peacefully, "calm and stoic, defiant to the end." His motives are a mystery too:
Answers to why he and a teenage accomplice methodically hunted people going about their daily chores, why he chose his victims, including a middle schooler on his way to class, and how many there were went to the grave with him.
Maybe there's a clue in the drawings of Muhammad's pupil assassin:

Muhammad was a member of Nation of Islam, whose head, Minister Louis Farrakhan points out:
if it were in fact a Black-White hate thing, why would he shoot five persons of color--one an Indian and four Blacks and one a child?
Ok, irony aside, let's re-state the bleeding obvious:

1. A principle motive was "Jihad", Islamist war on infidels. His accomplice says so and there's ample evidence in Muhammad's history.
2. Most of the media are lying about it thru suppressio veri, partly from motives of avoiding a backlash against innocent muslims, partly as reflexive propaganda to support a "social justice" narrative about who is victim, who is oppressor.
3. The US government, whose first duty is the safety of America, is lying about it to avoid having to discriminate against a thought system that wants to overthrow Western, Christian, Enlightenment inspired society in favour of Islam. That was so with Bush as well as Obama.
4. Obama is a special case. Tho he is a conscious socialist, his affinity to Islam is less direct. He is acculturated to Islam, the son of a muslim, the stepson of a muslim, educated in an Islamic school, fiercely supported by American muslims, especially Louis Farrakhan. Furthermore Obama is a product of the Frankfurt/Alinsky/Gramsci school of re-modelling human society. Islam and the Left apparently are antithetical, but actually are natural allies embodied in Barack Hussein Obama. They have the same goal - to command speech, thought and family life; and the same enemy - us.

More Ralph Peters - "At some point you just need to knock off the BS":

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