December 17, 2009

Popcorn time

Normally I skip the turgid prose, turgid minds, turgid souls and turgid politics of liberal websites like Huffpo and Kos. There's a Newspeak dishonesty about them too which soils by association - "Abortion is a woman's right to choose"; AGW sceptics are "Climate Change deniers". They usually argue in bad faith and state what they want to be true as tho it were true - dull, dirty stuff that stinks up public discourse. But when liberals start knifing each other it can be entertaining:
Pour some more butter on the popcorn . . .
Liberal disillusion with Obama is seeping in and the contrast with the Tea-Parties' authenticity and the life force of Sarah Palin is painful. Imagine Palin were an insurgent liberal facing a cold fish conservative president. HuffKos would be punching the sky with joy. But the left is stuck with a coool President, but cool as in 'frigid', and stuck with cadaverous leaders in Reid and Pelosi. Reid looks and stoops like an undertaker. Pelosi can do "Night of the Living Dead" without make-up. Palin oozes energy, health, fertility and the future. Who ya gonna vote for? Superwoman or Cool Stiff and the Zombies? Couple of clips:

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