February 24, 2010

Flashing amber, crossroads ahead

Present-day America is neutral at best towards its allies:
The Obama administration’s decision to remain neutral in the dispute between Great Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands is a shameful decision that will go down very badly across the Atlantic. As The Times has just reported, Washington has point blank refused to support British sovereignty over the Falklands, and is adopting a strictly neutral approach.
Writing as a British husband and father of Americans, here's the deal: I don't care if Obama betrays my country. I don't want his approval, nor Hillary Clinton's, nor the approval of the rest of the clowns who represent America today. But it does behove other Americans to support Britain against the likes of Argentina and Venezuela. So Palin, Romney, Limbaugh, Beck and other decent Americans who are naturally focusing inwards right now, speak up when it matters. If not, then you lose people like me.

In 1956 America betrayed Britain, France and Israel over Suez while we waged war against the Arab nationalist, Nasser. That betrayal became a deep psychological motive for many British conservatives to pull away from America and creep towards the essentially anti-American EU. That tension was the deepest motif of Thatcher's struggle in the Conservative Party and led directly to her political downfall as she was stabbed in the back by the likes of Heseltine and Howe.

My opinion doesn't matter, but if you lose me, you lose many British conservatives and will find yourselves weakened even after you recover from your current sickness. I do not speak of the British governing class, they are mostly as bad as yours. This is more important.

A more emotional view from the author of "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People".

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