April 06, 2008

Semper fi

Faithful to its traditions the New York Times has this long story about McCain's youngest son, Jimmy, just returned from serving in Iraq in the Marines. The piece is lightly smeared with glosses to slime the Times' worldview over a young man's service, but the net effect is a compelling case for McCain, his family and the war in Iraq. Here's the rub:
Out of the Public Eye

Mr. McCain has largely maintained a code of silence about his son, now a lance corporal, making only fleeting references to him in public both to protect him from becoming a prize target and avoid exploiting his service for political gain, according to friends. At the few campaign events where Lance Corporal McCain appeared last year, he was not introduced.

The McCains declined to be interviewed for this article, which the campaign requested not be published. “The McCain campaign objects strongly to this intrusion into the privacy of Senator McCain’s son,” Steve Schmidt, a campaign spokesman, said...
Do the Sulzbergers have children?

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