April 06, 2008

The view from my room

This is London now, but the white specks don't come from pigeons.

Oh well, there's snow business like global warming, I scoff not only because it isn't warming, nor because warming has not plausibly been shown to be man made, nor because the lingo shifts around, nor because it's brought to you by the same types who've turned science into dogma (y2k, hiv/aids, global cooling...), but because they don't act like people who are seeking the truth, sure of the science or experienced in risk. They act like a coalition of professionals conspiring against the laerty, priests imposing dogma on heretics, Dems pleasuring themselves by taking my money to dole out to their clients, and liberal fascists thrilled by coercion and thought-control. The irony is that I'd be glad were London or NYC to become emission free cycle zones for health, aesthetic and economic reasons - save for the agenda behind it.

The wished outcome may come out by informed consent, but that won't fill the religion hole that aligns modern elites to modern superstitions like iron filings in a magnetic field.

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