May 02, 2008

Is Boris Goodenough?

The votes are still being counted to elect the next Mayor of London. It's between Red Ken and Blonde Boris. Ken can only hang on by virtue of a high turnout of the Islamic block vote. Boris would increase the gaiety of nations and scrape away some of the pc gunge that infects politics.

Most results are in from the rest of the country's local government contests. Labour's getting trashed by the Conservatives, a good omen for Boris, but very, very bad for Gordon Brown. Brown may be defenestrated over the next few months to be replaced by David Miliband, boy wonder Foreign Secretary. It looks a dead cert that within 2 years we'll have a Conservative government led by the world-class creep, David Cameron.

I took this snap of the top of City Hall from my living room just now. Near top right there's an interview being shot. I can watch it simultaneously on tv.

Here's a Boris clip to while away the tense hours. Hilarity starts 3 minutes in:

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