December 01, 2009

Being Barack

You've just given a major speech at West Point. The military audience were stony-faced or asleep, quite unresponsive to the Commander-In-Chief's outline of a new doctrine of war - fight and run. Is that in Clausewitz? Sun Tzu maybe? Being called "the enemy camp" by Chris Matthews won't help the mood in West Point and beyond. What's next? Copenhagen. A friendly camp. You can jerk-off with the Greens and the bien pensant euro-trash bureaucrats who make up your most committed base. Too bad everyone's snickering behind their hands now that the words "Global Warming Scam" light up the sky like an aurora borealis. Good job it's long been re-branded "Climate Change". The dummies will never figure that out. Well maybe a few in Congress. Still your flacks can blame Australia and you can polish your halo. Then what? The Nobel Peace Prize. Ugh. You would have rejected it, but you got the call at 3am and it sounded good at the time. Every day there's new negative poll. Aren't these pollsters patriotic? They used to be. And why won't the Iranians make nice? Don't they see you're their friend? Who loves you, Barack? Hillary? Bill? Sarkozy? Brown? Zelaya? Jesse Jackson? The gays? The jews? The gay jews? Auntie Obama? Sure, she has a vote or two. Chavez loves you. And Castro. And Ghadaffy. Maybe the media will love you again if you send them breaks, ads, exemption from anti-trust. Sounds like a plan. Damn! Health care! Like that British climate scientist said in the email "Oh MAN! Will this crap never end?"

I'd feel sorry for you. Being Barack can be a bitch. Then I recall your agency in preventing a mandate to help babies who survive abortion. Then I don't feel sorry for you.

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