April 10, 2007

Carry On Up The Shatt al-Arab

Another caustically definitive post by the Telegraph's US editor on the Royal Navy's humiliation in Iran. Sample:
Our two interviewees should take the money and go off and do something else. They clearly aren't cut out for the armed services.
LS Turney? You tell it how it effing is. How about manning the checkout at Tesco .. or mucking out stables?
OM Batchelor? You're a chirpy, sensitive chap. Maybe you could work in a pet grooming salon or start a window-cleaning service - if you're not afraid of heights.
And the Navy? Back to the drawing board, I'm afraid. As a former naval officer and lieutenant on board HMS Cornwall, it gives me no pleasure to say that it will take a decade or two for the Senior Service to live this one down.

The British Army has had its own setbacks in Afghanistan as this clip from Carry On Up The Khyber illustrates: