February 17, 2010

"I see him as the kind of guy whose conscience would be bothered if he moved to the center"

When the history of these times is written, primary sources will get the attention they warrant. Many conservatives view Obama's background as irrelevant now that the election is over. I don't, since it should impact the 2010 elections and the willingness of Republicans to do business with him. Moreover his actual and attempted appointments imply that his beliefs haven't changed:

1 minute version

15 minute version

Long version (I'll listen in the car), seems interesting:

The living dead

The sight of Obama hectoring Chief Justice Roberts and the openly dissenting Alito at the State of the Union address still lingers. Roberts and Alito are as impressive, learned and sincere as Obama is opportunist, narcissist and callow. The Supreme Court is balanced 4-4 liberal-constitutionalist with Kennedy swinging, but dressing to the right. The liberal Stevens (89) will probably retire in June, but the liberal Ginsburg (76) is thought to want to stay on at least another 7 years, health permitting. Ginsburg's stance must appal liberals since then a conservative successor to Obama would lock in a constitutionalist majority for a long time. But now that the Democratic Senate majority is in question from November this year it becomes vital to persuade Ginsburg to retire toot sweet. She understands the stakes, but, boy, would it be delicious were she to stay on. Stripped of affirmative action, mass abortion and judicial activism in the Supreme Court, the Liberal Project would be in trouble. Remember, reader, had McCain won the Presidency, then the prospect of the left-wing collapse would be dubious. Sometimes it's better to lose.

The 5 oldest Senators (ages 85-92) are all Democrat. The oldest Republican is Jim Bunning (78) who will not contest this year's election. Is zombieism part of the liberal psyche?