January 16, 2008

Michigan Primary: bet by bet

It's 25 minutes before polls close. As well as $2,000 on Romney for President at 20/1 I have $500 on Romney for Nominee at 15/2.

The odds have shortened to 12/1 for President and are not available for Nominee presumably while exit polls are becoming public.

On Drudge I'm reading Romney 42%, McCain 30% for 0.59% of votes in. Woohoo!

Ow! Now its 35%/32% for 4.38% of votes. I should be in bed. It's nearly 2am in London.

Fox calls it for Romney. Paul Mirengoff at Powerline writes:
So who is the front-runner now? There is none.
@ 2 golds,2 silver
@ most delegates
@ most votes
@ most money
@ Limbaugh hates McCain and Huckabee for nominee
@ Conservatives hate McCain and Huckabee for nominee
@ Giuliani's done nothing to date (and I suspect his health)
@ Thompson's done nothing. (But would make a good running mate. Note he's starting on McCain now, but he's fairly gentle with Romney).

Paul Mirengoff has his head where the sun don't shine.

Now it's 40%/30% for 20% of votes. Time for bed. Mick makes a good point - Nevada's next alongside S.Carolina. That's worth 34 delegates against SC's 24. Bed! bed!