December 27, 2007

Fear and Loathing in London - movie review

Movie review for Sweeney Todd:

Sweeney slits throats,
Mrs Lovett cooks stiffs,
Pirelli's shaved close,
Judge Turpin damns kids.

The Beadle's shriek-whistle,
Sweeney's tipping contraption,
Meat pies and their gristle,
All give satisfaction,

But it's not for the queasy.
I'm slightly reserved about Johnny Depp
Who impersonates Sweeney
Without any depth,

Fear and Loathing in London,
Scissorhands in a slasher,
Willy Wonka with vengeance,
Jack Sparrow with razors.

His singing is honest
His acting's quite fine
But the role's painted on him
It's not from inside.

The pacing is spot on,
The visuals astonish,
2 thumbs up to Burton
And 3 thumbs to Sondheim.