March 31, 2008


Let us recognize hookerblogging as a genre along with dogblogging and photoblogging. My co-smuthound, Dave, points out that Dick Morris is the US entry in the toe-fetish Olympics. Moreover apparently:
“When not nibbling on the toes of the $200-an-hour call girl, he let her eavesdrop on phone conversations he had with his client, President Clinton.”
So the image presents itself of Dick Morris in flagrante, speaking by phone with the President, also in flagrante, possibly toying with a cigar, possibly with a senator on hold on line 2 and Yasser Arafat twiddling his thumbs in the Rose Garden. Meanwhile Mrs Clinton was surging in Tuzla. I think I could pitch that script. The funniest part is that 44% of American voters prefer the Clintons back in the White House to John McCain.


Oh well, while the Uncorrelated romper room is empty, I'll link some recent photos of ringmaking in France where the Jura plateau meets the Burgundy plain. The music is the prelude to The Valkyrie, from The Ring Cycle.


Here's an antidote to human cruelty. The term 'anthropomorphize' is often a misnomer. Seeing love, fear, playfulness etc in other species than homo sapiens isn't unscientific. That these are cross-species traits is self-evident to any mind free of the anthropocentrism that normalizes atrocities like vivisection.