January 15, 2008

Fairly Super Tuesday

It's a big day:

1. Michigan Primary Day - there's plenty of positive and negative momentum at stake. Down, McCain! You've been the most effective anti-conservative influence in the country for years. Were you a Democrat, you might have done some good. You're like a male stripper at a rugby club night out - right man, wrong party. Down, mighty McCain, down in the hole!

2. Macworld 2008 Keynote - this year's virtuoso session with Steve Jobs. I saw him in London in the early 90's giving a 2 hour NeXT demo and was impressed by the assurance of this man who'd been fired from Apple mark 1. [As an aside, the original World Wide Web system was developed on a NeXT machine.] The big rumour for today is that il miglior fabbro will announce an ultraportable, the Airbook, dispensing with dvd drive, spinning hard drive, ethernet conection, but using flash memory and wifi only.
Drool.. Note the wing shaped profile..oooh. Turn on a fan, tip the Airbook to a slight angle of attack and it will sit in space 6 inches above your knees. Cool. What it needs is a decent docking station...an iMac minus its innards with a slot at the top to drop in the Airbook.