November 22, 2008

Writer's block

I've been a
 little pre-occupied with my snorkelling trip to St John, USVI, and last week 
a distillery tour in Kentucky with a couple of friends. My wife's invited far more Thanksgiving week guests than we have sleeping places and it's too cold to sleep in the shed. Also I have little to add on American politics, tho I'm mulling a few thoughts on how the new administration is in a great position to do radical things such as cut company taxes, abolish the union stranglehold on public education, commence an infrastructure program, drill for American oil and initiate a nuclear power program. 

But the real reason for writer's  block is my trauma at the new images of the Anatreptic tag team. I have a face like a chimpanzee, while Mick's mask looks like a super-hero, Wonderwoman perhaps. My self image is Green Lantern.

A propos of nothing, on Friday I went long the New York Times at $5.14. I can only imagine good news from here on. How could it be worse?

November 15, 2008

Public squalor, private consolation

Hey ho. America chose government by barbarians, and bullshitters. Voluntarily to be governed by 3 such scoundrels as Obama, Reid and Pelosi says something profound about America. Too bad. It's not just that these folk are political anathema, it's that they seem so unworthy as people. I doubt America will become quite like Belgium, but once the institutions have been captured, it's tough to avert national decay. The USA is now on a flight path to state-funded abortion on demand, human embryos (babies) as inputs to an obscene medical industry, state control of parenting as well as education, re-invention of the Constitution, marriage de-sacralised, normalisation of pedophilia thru early sexualisation (why not? if embryos and other animals are objects to be used, why not children, in fact why not anybody who can be coerced?), state control of speech, the political centre moved to Alinsky/Ayers territory, the abolition of a virile military, the creation of an internal security force of community workers - an American Stasi, state control of private enterprise, und, und, und....Mormons and Catholics, watch out. You'll be tolerated as emblems of freedom of worship providing you turn into non-threatening sects which endorse the social dogmas of the secular religion.

Of course mere decadence is just a phase because the decadents lack courage and will. After some catastrophe the new America (if that country exists) may turn to a Puritan culture, a more compelling religion than liberal dreams. It's called 'Submission'.

The picture is of a daughter's first encounter with a turtle in the wild in St John last week.

November 05, 2008


Mick wrote:
I'd like to be classy too, which for now means I'll have very little to say about the President-elect.

Not me.

1. Barack and Michelle have risen thru affirmative actions and racial preferences, which is as un-American as it gets.

2. He's surrounded by a bodyguard of lies, of which omissio veri is pre-eminent.

3. He lacks both intellect and eloquence.

4. He has always made the most politically cowardly choice in his votes.

5. The campaign finance fraud and electoral roll fraud were close to his team and associates.

6. He killed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act in Illinois, then lied about it. It's hard to design something more disgusting in politics.

7. The Left will now use amnesty and other tools to re-jig US electoral demographics. The fault lies mainly with the decent people who voted Republican in 2004, but switched or didn't vote this time because they misread Obama, lulled by the media''s utter deceit. I hope this is politics as usual, but doubt it.

By the way, if it was 'the economy, stupid', who of all the candidates had the strongest brand on that issue?

November 04, 2008

Thoughts on election eve

It's 3am. I'm in a house on St John, USVI, with my brother-in-law from New Hampshire and 1 each of our younger daughters. The girls are taking to snorkelling like fish to water. They seem to find the hot tub even more fascinating to snorkel around than the Caribbean. By this time tomorrow Obama will be probably have been elected to run their country. Funnily enough my girl is pro-McCain, tho I've told her nothing except my preference and given her a children's book on both candidates. Her excellent, black teacher is for Obama and world peace. Our delightful, Jewish, Manhattanite neighbours in suburban NJ are for Obama. I'm a gambler and I bet that these folk have more paradise points than I do, but they're for Obama. In 2 weeks I'll be on a bourbon distillery tour in Kentucky with a Buchanan/Gingrich reading PhD student from Houston. He's a 'conservative' for Obama like his law professor friend from Austin and his State Dept friend back in Kentucky from Islamabad. I think his drive is anti-McCain for his aged mannerisms and Iraq war staunchness and he's anti-Palin for her religion. Every day I get sent video links and articles by Brooks/Will/Hitchens and the rest about why not Palin/McCain. The senders range from intelligent friends to sarcastic dolts. They think that they are high info people, but they're not. Their sources have pre-sieved the info and they've pre-sieved their sources.
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the zeitgeist calls for a young, black, academic, secular messiah figure to rebalance the interests of state and individual. Maybe if America could just empathize more with the rest of the planet everyone would feel better. Implied apologies are acceptable, no need for America to grovel. How can I be right, when I'm aligned with outmoded Christianity and the busted economics of Thatcher and Reagan?
 Well, gentle reader, I am right, they are wrong, but it's tedious now to rehearse the argument. The mass delusion that floats a total fraud like Obama is the end of Gramsci's 'long march thru the institutions' and I must say I'm impressed. The impenetrability of Obamans to reason argues that this election isn't about reason. There's a hunger for a secular religion and Obama is dish of the day, frothed up to titillate political palates across a broad spectrum of the credulous, whereas Palin or Romney, say, represent self-control, self-definition, service to life, service to patriotism, service to one's spouse, service to Christ, but are a living reproach to self-centredness, to infantilism, to selfishness raised to a principle of therapeutic culture.....that starvation, that aversion to the symbols of reproach. makes Obamans of them all, but not of me. Oh, no.
Assuming Obama, then I doubt the outcome will be accepted as in the past. The egregious fraud, the racist voting pattern, the media treachery, the support of Chavez/Hamas/Ayers/Farrakhan and the Euroweenies renders that outcome disgusting, anti-democratic and anti-American. I think my Obaman friends think it's democracy as usual, but Obama says he'll do some provocative things. The Freedom of Choice Act he plans to sign asap seems so downright evil that it's tyrannical. Then there's The Fairness Doctrine, and a swathe of liberal fascism that may drain democratic consent. I suppose that's why Obama's planning a civilian army. The coercion he's used against straying media will be more vicious when he controls the DoJ and the IRS.
Dark thoughts, but a good thought is the straight talk from the Catholic bishops on politics and abortion. And so to bed.