February 08, 2008


We came to Jerusalem last night for a few days . We're in an apartment in 'The Italian Colony' which is in 'The German Colony.' Seen nothing yet but a coffee bar and a wineseller. Here are a couple of Israeli faces:The grinnng guy is a friend from Texas. We meet in odd spots to play chess and yell politics at each other. His are New York Times conservative a la David Brooks.. Says he's a neo-con who's been mugged by reality. Gives an edge to the chess. The Israeli lady sold us Israeli wine which reminds her of Israeli salad - strong flavours, earthy, but harmonious. It was good, punchy with a certain softness. Today we'll hit the market in the hours before Sabbath when the produce is sold cheap. It flits in and out of my mind that Christ walked here.
Only visible guns so far were carried by cops at Luton Airport (London), probably Uzis.