January 13, 2008

I will wash myself in ten pound notes

If Romney wins the Presidency, I win about $40,000 as I bet £1,000 on Romney at 20-1. Since then Fred's eviscerated Huckabee:
..and now McCain's getting his clock cleaned by Limbaugh, Levin, and Santorum. Romney took his heaviest fire weeks ago and really that boils down to a single idea - that he's a flip-flopper (oh, and a Mormon). The flip-flop meme echoes the 2004 case against Kerry, which worked pretty well because it's true, but
Michigan Democrats should vote for Mitt Romney, because if Mitt wins, Democrats win. [says King Kos]
Democrats view Mitt Romney as weak? They're fooling themselves....Democrats will try to run the same "He's a flip-flopper" campaign that we successfully destroyed Kerry with, but there are some key differences here. John Kerry flipped, flopped, and flipped again. Mitt Romney has consistently shifted rightward throughout his career. John Kerry was an ugly, boring, dull, unlikeable man. Mitt Romney is an intelligent, articulate, likeable Conservative. Let Kos plan, it'll only hurt their chances in November.
Add that Romney's a Governor, Kerry's a Senator; Romney made his money, Kerry married his; Ann Romney is an asset, Teresa Heinz Kerry was a liability; Romney's right, Kerry's wrong. No contest.

In a long campaign substance has a way of working it's way through to the public consciousness despite the msm's bs, so my politics still boil down to "bet on the Mormon."