May 10, 2008

The Nation of Idiots

This Presidential election is unserious. The deep issue is that Obama is a 'beard' for other forces, starting with his resentful wife who, I suppose, was a big motive for their adherence to the race-baiting Pastor Wright. But they have a neighbour in south Chicago who's a finer orator and finer mind than Wright. When you vote for Obama, know the company you keep...Hamas, big black bodyguards in Nation of Islam uniforms and shades, a leader in white. The tectonic plates of politics are shifting in favour of the young, fertile, sober, religious, organized, determined, F├╝hrerprinzip-driven, undemocratic groups which use the freedom of the West to destroy the freedom of the West. There is no shortage of useful idiots: academics as ever, rich liberals yearning for a yuppie messiah to fill their spiritual nothingness, blacks long trained to vote as a block and full of fake victimhood, the media, the always gullible j-school special forces, specialists in selectio veri and suggestion falsi. What you see is what you get: