February 11, 2009

The liberal-industrial complex

Yet another failed approach to fighting the 'Aids Virus' prompts me to record my view that the HIV/AIDS model is probably wrong. The chance of HIV being the cause, repeat 'cause', of AIDS (if AIDS even exists as a disease) is about the same as the chance that manmade carbon emissions cause Global Warming (if Global Warming even exists). It's possible, but the argumentation is weak.

Immune deficiency is not a disease, it's a propensity to disease, and is predominantly caused by lifestyle choices of the rich and lousy nutrition, hygiene and water of the poor. The greatest cause of 'AIDS' is fraudulent statistics prompted by good motives and bad motives. Iatrogenic, drug induced immune deficiency seems rife among rich and poor. Re-thinking Aids is one hub for scientific arguments against the social construct of HIV/AIDS or, for a polemic, read Paglia. The vocabulary and coercive techniques of the AGW and AIDS liberal-industrial complex are remarkably similar. Would that there were a pill against them!