February 08, 2009

St Pancras Station

I rarely take a shot that makes me gawp and when I do it's usually of my children. I took this snap as I was changing trains today. When I saw it on my big screen I turned the lights off and played Spem In Alium.

Some thoughts about the best railway station in the world here.

A gallery of shots in both dull and dramatic light here.

Visa waiver for jihadis

The greatest terrorist threat to America comes from my country, Britain. Political correctness and security budget incorrectness mean that the danger from British Islamists is out of control:
Jonathan Evans, the director general of MI5, admitted in January that the Security Service alone does not have the resources to maintain surveillance on all its targets. "We don't have anything approaching comprehensive coverage," he said.
Recent footage (suppressed by the BBC) of British police running from a mob in London, shows how cowed the UK has become:

Tho I am a frequent beneficiary of the visa waiver program, it makes no sense without serious profiling as opposed to the resources spent randomly searching my wife for half an hour when she left London for Newark a week ago.

This lady is not my wife.

The US should suspend the visa waiver program until Britain gets serious.