January 20, 2008

A rainbow casts a shadow

A dark thought of a GOP Rainbow Coalition just cast a shadow on my morning. To whom might a McCain-Huckabee alliance appeal in the Republican party ? Let's see..

Older vets

When Huckabee exits there's scant reason for Pro-Lifers and Evangelicals to lean to McCain unless the alliance is an explicit teaser for a McCain-Huckabee ticket. If there's a stop-the-Mormon faction, it would vote McCain post Huckabee and sans Huckabee, but more Evangelicals might be attracted by Romney's upright life and social conservatism.

I like Fred Thompson except that he lacks executive credentials, but as VP on the ticket (McCain's or Romney's) I'd question his energy for a campaign. I'm perfectly happy with Presidents and VP's with low energy levels - actually it's a good thing; give short speeches, get the big things right, down a cognac, smoke a cigar, go to sleep. Romney/Thompson would be an amusing double-act as a Rainbow Coalition of ascetics and bon viveurs.

Here's Thompson addressing Michael Moore:

Now I feel better.