November 05, 2009

These people are just wired differently from me

In making his concession speech, Democratic governor Jon Corzine was consoling his followers when he said, “My mother is probably the only one that’s happy tonight. She’s a Republican. She’s 93 years old so, we’re not going to worry too much about that.”

The line got a big laugh.

h/t Stephanie Guttman

Slapdash thoughts from London at 7am on Christie winning NJ

Thank God! Maybe Christie is wishywashy on policy, but Obama/Corzine is toast. I'll celebrate in NJ with friends and family in a couple of weeks. This will hasten the exodus from NY to NJ. Above all I want the state-dependent black cities in NJ to get their funding withdrawn. It simply pays them to be peons and underperform their whole lives in return for a tainted vote. By geography and talent NJ should be one of the most dynamic, attractive places in the world. Great beaches, lots of open space, family friendly towns, urbanity, international access, interesting weather but not too interesting. Instead NJ's been stuck with a vicious corruptocracy, keeping the middle-class on life support. Hope and change...we'll see. Christie's number 1 job should be to make stealing elections harder. Next de-fund government and attract investment. That means cutting taxes and getting a head start in the competition with the rest of the USA, especially the North-Eastern socialist states.

BTW Mick's quite right in his characterization of brainwashed attitudes to the National Health Service in the UK. This is no exaggeration:
In other western democracies like Canada and the UK, government-run health care is a very, very sacred cow, no matter how obviously dysfunctional the system is and no matter how many people have to die to keep every bureaucrat in their job.
I'd add that NJ's health care is pretty disfunctional too. The abstract answer is to get government out of health care. Result - plenty of liberal sob stories, personal responsibility, better health, richer people, voluntary charity.

Anyway down with thieves and liars and let me have men around me who are fat!