November 05, 2008


Mick wrote:
I'd like to be classy too, which for now means I'll have very little to say about the President-elect.

Not me.

1. Barack and Michelle have risen thru affirmative actions and racial preferences, which is as un-American as it gets.

2. He's surrounded by a bodyguard of lies, of which omissio veri is pre-eminent.

3. He lacks both intellect and eloquence.

4. He has always made the most politically cowardly choice in his votes.

5. The campaign finance fraud and electoral roll fraud were close to his team and associates.

6. He killed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act in Illinois, then lied about it. It's hard to design something more disgusting in politics.

7. The Left will now use amnesty and other tools to re-jig US electoral demographics. The fault lies mainly with the decent people who voted Republican in 2004, but switched or didn't vote this time because they misread Obama, lulled by the media''s utter deceit. I hope this is politics as usual, but doubt it.

By the way, if it was 'the economy, stupid', who of all the candidates had the strongest brand on that issue?