August 11, 2008

'You don't win anything with kids'

Alan Hansen, ex captain of Liverpool FC, is the best-known football pundit in Britain. Dour, battle-hardened, vastly experienced at the top level...the man speaks with authority and his best known saying is "You don't win anything with kids" referring to the arduous Premier League Championship.

Well maybe I'm overexposed to the news, but it seems to me that this kerfuffle in Georgia has done for Obama. No non-pacifist grown-up can think that America is safer with Team Obama facing Putin rather than Team McCain. You don't win anything with kids.

I wish there were a YouTube clip of Hansen saying it, but this may raise a smile:


Saddam invades Kuwait - surprise!
9/11 - surprise!
Russia invades Georgia - surprise!

State Department, led by a Russian specialist, 'We know nothing.'
CIA, 'It happened fast.'

McCain's shown an impressively sure touch so far:
John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the United Nations now at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, said: “What is interesting about the US response is that you have the McCain campaign in one corner immediately understanding the significance of Russia’s aggression and in the opposite you have the Bush administration standing with the Obama campaign taking a much more diluted stance.”
Bolton of course should be SecState in a McCain administration which might lead to State starting to work for America. Tough on State, tough on the Dems who wouldn't confirm him as Ambassador to the UN.

Egosyntonic thinking

Obama repels me. He's a metrosexual phony unworthy of America's history and unworthy of the time. His base is a coalition of 'victims', emos, litigators, narcissists and corporatists. Not my type, not my types. So I may not be objective when I forecast:

1.The present optics of Obama in Hawaii giving spastic interviews to Marie-Claire while Georgia burns and McCain's ads drill into liberal insecurities, them optics is bad. Everyone can see the Clintons despise Him. Therefore I forecast the next polls will show McCain ahead.
2. Liberals can be rational actors. They ditched Dean for the less histrionic Kerry. It would be irrational to gamble the next 4, maybe 8 years of the Presidency on an untested, gaffe-prone, poor debater with terrible baggage who already lags his aged, grumpy opponent in the polls according to my thesis, while the Comeback Couple are tapping their toes at the edge of the spotlight. Man, they won elections and didn't get us killed in office. Man. Bill's blacker than Obama. Man, that Hillary is tough. Maybe this is the time for a pantsuit rather than a pantiwaist. Therefore, I predict an overt attempt to ditch Obama for the Clintons. James Carville, say, could throw a pebble to start a landslide.

My brain says, please keep Obama, he'll be squished in November. My mean streak says, squish him now.

Update: La Huffington frets and she loves the guy:
After a primary campaign in which the Obama camp skillfully went right at Hillary Clinton's strength -- her experience -- and used it to paint her as an entrenched, part-of-the-problem D.C. insider, it's been shocking to watch Team Obama cede to McCain national security and the war on terror -- his supposed strengths.

Making matters worse, they've taken this approach while McCain's Rove-trained message mavens have succeeded in turning one of Obama's real strengths into a negative - continuously reframing the fact that Obama is popular as just empty celebrity.

It's absurd, but it's worked. At least for the moment. Meanwhile, the public's perception of McCain as "ready to lead" on national security issues sits there, untouched.

...come November, national security will once again trump every issue...

Danse macabre

When Putin watches Obama campaign for Commander-In Chief by wiggling his hips at Ellen De Generes, he must feel like a snake watching an insouciant mouse. While the radical chic voters of America get their psycho-sexual thrills from Obama, the world turns. McCain is right to hold the mirror up to infantile America for the whole country to see:

Where's the vast right-wing conspiracy when you need it?

Seems Hillary would be the Nominee had the mainstream media committed journalism on John Edwards.

What's the nice way to to lie about kill a child?

Someone who kills a child born alive despite an abortion is depraved. Someone who kills a child 5 minutes before the child is born is also depraved. I don't give a monkey's whether the child is born or not, it's a distinction without a difference. Barack Obama says he'd have voted to make it illegal to kill babies born alive despite an abortion except that the bill's text didn't neutralize the implications with respect to Roe v Wade. This is sophistry on stilts, but put that aside. It turns out that this depraved bullshitter lied even about that.