December 02, 2009

Nigel and the dragon

What is the big theme binding these political phenomena of 2009?

Tea Parties
Palin's resurgence
Obama's shrinkage
The fightback against Anthropogenic Global Scamming
The electoral success of UKIP, UK Independence Party, principle policy-leave the EU.

The theme is that those, the governed, who haven't been bought off by Big Government and who still have folk memories of freedom and citizenship, are saying "Enough, too much."

In the UK we have many repellent, parasitic bosses, but probably the most repellent is the of the most successful scams in history. Talk about "a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity." This EU squid wears a t-shirt that reads "we're sucking you dry for your own good." Imagine a supra-national constitution imposed on 27 nations by 27 governments without a single referendum. Oh, there was one in Ireland, but it gave the wrong answer, so there was re-run after suitable pressure points had been pushed. Into this swamp wades Nigel Farage, until recently the leader of UKIP. an elected MEP, to taunt the Vampire Squid in its chamber on the matter of the new EU President and Foreign Minister, 2 unelected nobodies: