December 16, 2009

Chilly is it? Oh the humanity!

There is a god and he has a sense of humour. As the Cold, the Bad and the Ugly riot outside the Copenhagen Global Warming summit, some vignettes:

- Danish police are merrily clubbing the eco-socialist mob, probably grateful for some action to ward off the chill and snow.
- Gordon Brown is trapped at the conference centre by the protestors.
- Happy-clappy Warmist enviro-journalists are freezing to death in the queues to get in out of the cold.
- The Global Scamming Association of backward African kleptocracies has almost given up posturing for "Climate Justice" in the form of squillions of Western taxpayers' money as reparations for, well, everything. Their walkouts are just pissing everyone off.
- The global murmuring against the whoring of science grows louder like a train bearing down on a car stuck on a railroad crossing. The Warmist nomenklatura are in that car, probably a stretch limo.
- And Obama, the hero of Chicago's Round 1 elimination from the Olympics on his last visit to Copenhagen, will jet in as a deus ex machina. We may confidently expect his flight to be diverted by blizzards.
This is fast becoming Obama's role on the world stage: managing disappointment.

What a hoot!