July 07, 2009

Palin post-resignation

Sarah Palin generates more emotion than any American politician. That's because it's hard to invent a character more threatening to modern liberals and their faux-conservative pets like Colin Powell. She's authentic, they're cosmetic; she's fertile, they're sterile; she's brave, they have bravado; she smiles, they sneer; she hunts, they snare; she has natural intelligence, they have a law degree; she believes in God, they believe in Obama. Look at her experience - from nothing to mayor to governor to vp nominee; mother of a soldier, mother of an unwed mother, mother of a Down's baby, grandmother, beauty queen, hoopster, hunter, journalist, wife, businesswoman, icon. She overshadows Obama even when he's meeting Putin - ok I'll sling in the obvious on auto-pilot: suppose Palin had said "President Putin".

The woman is a rebuke to everything that modern liberals cherish and they know it and loath it as they loath the truth about themselves. Their religion is growth through gratification and approval; she embodies duty, service and parental love; she's a follower of Christ, damn it. She believes that stuff. She has a servant's heart.

The most telling meme against her isn't that she's a quitter. Her whole life refutes that. It's her supposed inadequacy in the politics of the wider world. Well her understanding of economics is as complete as it needs to be:
"President Obama is growing government outrageously, and it's immoral and it's uneconomic, his plan that he tries to sell America. His plan to "put America on the right track" economically, incurring the debt that our nation is incurring, trillions of dollars that we're passing on to our kids, expecting them to pay off for us, is immoral and doesn't even make economic sense."
The rest is detail. Apart from getting elected Obama has shown himself mega-wrong about strategy, tactics and morality in everything he's touched - a clown as vp, a tax evader running tax, a racialist to the Supreme Court, even-handedness between murderers and democrats in Iran, meddling in Honduras, palling around with Chavez, equivocating between Israel and the demonic gangsters who ruin the Palestinians, showing weakness to Russia, undermining allies...it's endless. Obama is the worst President, but may be necessary to provoke America to throw off its sickness. Meanwhile Europe and Britain are turning right.