February 05, 2008

Pessimism for connoisseurs

The sun ain't gonna shine any more:
First, demography is poised to destroy conservatism in a devastating triple threat. The baby boomers will start retiring, and will probably shift a little to the left in the process. Second, Mexican immigrants will most likely end up being pretty leftist. Finally, years of liberals running their own private indoctrination camps through the American education system have finally taken their toll and are churning out reliably liberal kids who will inevitably come of age. Not enough of them are conservatives and not enough of them will be mugged by reality to convert to conservatism. It is ultimately these three factors that threaten to sink conservatism for at least a couple decades.
My mind agrees. My heart says 'whoa!'

Heart speaking:

1. Romney might yet get momentum tonight.
2. Win or lose, Romney will start stronger in 2012..better known himself + known consequences of late endorsement by natural allies.
3. The best hope for conservatism may in fact be 4 years of Dem charlatan as President. Reagan and Thatcher were mandated by the absurdities of the previous administrations.
4. Conservatism has this gong for it: it's right...right pragmatically and right idealistically.