October 29, 2009

Make my day

We quite often see famous people in my part of London. I've snapped David Blaine, Mike Myers (Austin Powers), Cameron Diaz and others. One evening I left my apartment to be confronted by packed-up plain-clothes guarding the Clintons and Blairs who were dining across the street when the men were both in power. I'm usually blasé about celebrities unless it's Margaret Thatcher. I'm forever in mourning that I wasn't Shakespeare's contemporary and amanuensis. He lived, wrote and acted in these parts. But the news that Clint Eastwood was rumoured to be shooting in the area sent a thrill up my leg. He's been filming at Elephant and Castle, London, SE1, next to where I play football. I wasn't around but here's a couple of shots I found:

I wonder if Clint knows that he was shooting on the ground where Charlie Chaplin grew up. I have a lead that he'll be a couple of minutes from my apartment in a few days. If I can shoot him with my 300mm it will make my day! Woohoo!