September 25, 2007

Dwarf, poison, antidote

A'jad's speech at Columbia U had these good outcomes.

1. President of Columbia, Lee Bollinger's policy of banning the ROTC (because of Clinton's dont-ask-don't-tell ordinance re gays in the military), but inviting to campus the guy who murders American soldiers who volunteered to protect America (even the bit which is Columbia U) - that policy is brought into acute focus.

2. A'jad made himself ridiculous as well.

I suggest that Bollinger now take his ROTC banning credentials to Tehran U and there devote a speech to the glory of overt homosexuality in the military.

More seriously, I suggest that Bush himself propose a visit to Tehran for the sole purpose of speaking about freedom and democracy versus an obscene theocracy. A town hall type event would be fine.