January 27, 2008

Pants on fire

The polls for the Florida Primary have shown Romney moving up to and maybe past McCain, but it on paper it can go either way. Then McCain said Romney wanted a timetable to leave Iraq, a charge easily smashed in the blogosphere and then boomeranged back with quotes from the Straight Talker that, if anything, he wants to threaten the Iraqis with US withdrawal if benchmarks aren't met to which the Dem reaction at the time was:
"We Catholics call that an epiphany," said Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Joseph Biden, D-Del., who is sponsoring the main Democratic resolution opposing the troop buildup.
Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said: "I called for that . . . several weeks ago. I'm glad that John McCain agrees with me.
So far, so self-destructive for McCain. But the kind of coverage below from CNN's legal analyst will be seen everywhere and may turn Florida into a debacle for McCain. I predict that soon will be discovered some dirty trick against McCain thought to originate from the Romney camp.