October 26, 2009

"Libtard" is a euphemism

The headline in Reuters is:
U.S. healthcare system wastes up to $800 billion a year
The story starts:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. healthcare system is just as wasteful as President Barack Obama says it is, and proposed reforms could be paid for by fixing some of the most obvious inefficiencies, preventing mistakes and fighting fraud, according to a Thomson Reuters report released on Monday.
Ok, pass over the artificial, incestuous foundation of this specimen of government propaganda. Take it at face value; only community organizers and journalists would see waste elimination as an argument for new spending. Waste is what you eliminate, spending other people's money is what you have to justify. Duh.

The "study" omits how much of the waste arises from government healthcare now. So let's decide on a show of hands....Lots?..... I see a sea of hands. So the libtards argue that the answer to a chronically wasteful system is to giantize that system. "Retards", I don't think so. "Fuckwits", is the working term. In truth that's too kind. It's not only fuckwittedness that's driving Obama (tho that does apply to most of his voters), it's a wish to tear America down and re-build it in a way that elites and victim groups can boss productive individuals.