January 13, 2010

Reclaim America Conference - lunchbreak

More later, but I want to give an instant reaction. Col.Allen West was terrific just now on a range of Nat.Sec. issues. He's the star so far and I predict that we've seen a major political figure of the future. Oh and I'm a couple of chairs away from Steyn!

Reclaim America Conference

It's 8.30am in chilly NYC. I'm sitting in the tony Union League Club on E 37th. Being warned about the dress code, I bought a tie late last night! I wheedled a coveted invite from The Hudson Institute for this conference where the speakers include Mark Steyn, Andrew McCarthy, Michael Mukasey (ex AG), Gen Richard Myers (ex Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff) and other luminaries. As a Briton I'd thought this was about a movement to reclaim our western territories and replace Obama with Elizabeth II. Now, reading the program, I'm not so sure. More later.