February 28, 2009

She said what ?!

Ann Coulter's gone too far this time. Calling Obama "Chocolate Jesus" doesn't offend me. Like Clint Eastwood I'm an equal opportunity offender. But Fox should ban that lilywhite beanpole pronto or the race hustlers will come a-hustlin' and when the hustlers come a-hustlin', well, dot dot dot ...

Oh wait, it wasn't Ann Coulter? It was Bill Maher? Impossible. Liberals don't use racist trash talk, it's against their religion. See this clip at 6:40 -

But for the real McCoy enjoy Tom Waits:

Update: After a little reflection I realise that 'liberal' doesn't apply to Bill Maher. I do think he's a liberalesque dope on Bush, Cheney, Iraq, religion and probably a lot else, but he's my kind of guy on some stuff, as in this clip from 1:17 -