July 29, 2007

Brown brown-nosed by Brown, steps in doo-doo, wipes his shoe

There have been high hopes in the media that the new UK Prime Minister will distance himself from the Bush regime not least to validate the idea that the UK was poodlificated by a Blair/Bush Christianist cabal. The atrocious appointment of Mark Pilloch Brown, snobby disdainer of flyover America, as a junior minister in the Foreign Office is hard to read except as a prelude to multilateralism - ie outsourcing Britain's interests to the UN's unelected Wise Fathers ... like Malloch Brown himself in fact.

Well....Brown (Gordon of that ilk, not Pilloch) says this ahead of today's meeting with Bush:
we should acknowledge the debt the world owes to the United States for its leadership in this fight against international terrorism.

Would any Democrat say that of their own country or their own military?

Note also this:
David Miliband, the new Foreign Secretary, publicly reprimanded Lord Malloch Brown, stating: "He's been given a very specific job to do by Gordon Brown, he's been asked to work on Africa, on Asia and on UN reform."
Maybe Brown (Gordon) was simply untuned to the repulsive vibe of Brown (Lord Pilloch) after years of being sucked up to by him as UN Deputy Secretary General and just made a mistake.