February 23, 2008

President of Europe

I suppose the absurdities of British society such as ambulances used as waiting rooms to avoid messing up A & E statistics or the Archdhimmi of Canterbury advocating Sharia Law colour Americans' view of my country. Well, there's another side which keeps us sane - delight in absurdity and the language to give humour wings. This clip of Shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague, describing a Tony Blair Presidency and Gordon Brown's anguish is vintage House of Commons. On Hague's right is David Cameron, who will probably be Prime Minister within 3 years. Opposite Hague, giggling at the image of his boss, the present PM, forced to assent to Blair's ascent to the top of the EU after more than 10 years scheming to get Blair to get out of his way, is the young UK Foreign Minister, David Miliband, a possible future PM.