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10th December 2009

This year's deeds included these:
We left Miami for the Keys
In a Beetle in a breeze
On Interstate number one.

Then in London Grace and Sylvie
Came to see her namesake Sylvie,
Guillem of that ilk and glory,
Ballerina number one.

Escalante mountain lions
May have seen us on Hell's Backbone,
In skinnydips or slim slot canyons
Under the Utahn sun.

Wild horses drew to Assateague
To frolic in the waves and scream
At white horse wave-tips like a dream
In the Virginia sun.

At Trickey Pond in Maine again
Grace grabbed the rope and swang and swang
And we two loons just swam and swam,
While Curt slept in past one.

That summer ended cool in Kjul,
But we had plenty logs for fuel,
A kite, a rainbow, Skagen blue,
But Angela didn't come.

In Fall we walked the empty moors,
The big sky country north of York,
The landscape that made Captain Cook,
And where I used to run.

These postcards are your birthday card.
They took two hours, it wasn't hard.
What's in between is hard, but then
Walk thru the door to 2010.

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