April 19, 2007

Aborting abortion

Far more important than gun control is abortion control. Today the Supreme Court issued its first ruling against abortion in 35 years by holding that a law banning partial birth abortion is constitutional. Or, to speak plainly, it's now ok to prohibit inducing a baby to be partially born then crushing its skull to kill it. That's pretty controversial. Clinton, Barack and Edwards are vehemently opposed to the ruling. The Republicans are pro, even Giuliani who said in 2000 that he would not vote to oppose a woman's right to undergo the procedure (as tho the mother's head gets crushed and her brains sucked out). Of course the Democrats could try Democracy to overturn the ban, but how preferable it is that society should be dismembered by tenured judges.

To paraphrase Lincoln "If partial birth abortion is not wrong, nothing is wrong."

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