March 16, 2008

Political writing block

All the big questions about Obama, Hillary and McCain are settled except the casting and counting of votes and I have nothing more to say, so I'll say it.

Obama's beliefs, if any, are a mist of Swedenism and liberation theology. President Barack H. Obama will neutralize America as between Iran and Israel, Judaeo-Christianity and Islam, government and the individual. His wife will stink up the joint with her sense of entitlement. Hobgoblins from academia and black Islamo-Christianity will come to power. Slightly more discreet versions of Samantha Power and Pastor Wright will run government. If I seem to be imagining demons, then look at the monsters and sprites who run congress now...Murtha, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy....but then add ideology to the witches' brew. I suppose it would be stimulating to blog about, but I'm old and crabby and misanthropic and want my enemies beaten into a pulp as well as mocked.

President Clinton would be a repellent nanny and the other President Clinton has lost his charm. It would be Forward to the Past co-sponsored by NOW and Viagra.

McCain is in some ways the most interesting...vain, mean,irritable, spiteful, stupid and a noble story from 35 years ago, which he somewhat tarnishes by exploitation in political ads. His pick for running mate may define his Presidency. Romney stands out in every department and overshadows any possible alternative. Has McCain the presidentiality to pick him? No way.

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